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Green Indo Maeng Da

Green Indo Maeng Da


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Green Indo Maeng Da is one of the newest strains we’re offering from the unique conditions of the fertile Indonesian jungles. All green veins are known for their great balance between mood enhancement, increased energy and pain relief, but Green Indo Maeng Da takes this to the next level.

Green Indo Maeng Da A new strain to turbocharge your productivity

Ever wish you could feel the energy boosting effects of coffee, without the side effects of jitters, anxiety and stomach discomfort? Well coffee’s close relative kratom is exactly what you’re looking for and Green Indonesian Maeng Da is the perfect strain for a smooth, comfortable energy boost.

While coffee can irritate the stomach lining, kratom has the opposite effect, providing soothing anti-inflammatory alkaloids that help settle the stomach by balancing stomach acid levels. This makes it perfect for anyone who suffers from gastrointestinal conditions and finds that traditional stimulants exacerbate their symptoms. Not only that, but this strain has been personally powdered by us into an extra fine grain, making it easier to swallow and digest than ever.

Within 30-45 minutes of taking Green Indonesian Maeng Da, mental and physical fatigue will begin to melt away. Your focus will increase, your mood will gently be lifted and you’ll be enveloped in a sense of security that will make your working day a breeze.

Extremely effective mood enhancement for depression and anxiety

Being a Maeng Da (or horned kratom) strain, Green Indonesian Maeng Da boasts increased alkaloid levels that imbue this strain with stronger pain relieving effects than the average green vein. Our customers have found this strain to be particularly effective at soothing emotional discomfort. It has long been known that emotional pain can be alleviated via the same mechanisms as physical pain and Green Indonesian Maeng Da seems to be particularly effective at this.

Imagine how much more productive you would be if you were free from worry and unease, with a calm base of energy to help you through the day. How much different would your life be without stress, fatigue, depression and anxiety?

Try Green Indonesian Maeng Da – The mood enhancement and productivity super strain

Order today to experience the difference for yourself.

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