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The connoisseurs company

Ahh, now that’s better that’s Kratom Infusion

A Kratom Company for Kratom Connoisseurs

Why our customers prefer to put their trust in Kratom Infusion

Grown in Perfect Conditions

Since 2001, we at Kratom Infusion have been learning the secrets of perfect kratom growing and preparation through trial and error. In that time, we’ve been able to verify the mistakes that continue to trip up other farmers. For example, many growers make the mistake of planting trees close to rivers, which subsequently flood during the rainy season. The kratom tree’s roots then become waterlogged, reducing the alkaloid content of the trees by over 70%.

Our 17 handpicked locations are centered in dense, virgin jungles, with soil so naturally fertile that extra fertilization is unnecessary. These locations are close enough to rivers to receive adequate water, but far enough from the flood planes to avoid flooding.

Effectively Prepared and Stored

Another common problem that kratom farmers have is identifying and preparing kratom. Often other plants can be confused for kratom and included in the harvest, reducing the alkaloid content of the kratom at best and introducing unknown contaminants at worst. Harvested kratom is then often dried in the sun, further reducing the active mitragynine alkaloids and decreasing the efficacy of the kratom.

Because of these problems, much of the kratom on the market has very low alkaloid content. When tested, some had levels as low as 0.1mg to 0.3mg of mitragynine per gram of kratom. For comparison, a good quality kratom would have at least 0.5mg to 0.8mg.

At Kratom Infusion, we train all of our farmers to properly indentify and prepare kratom. We’ve invested in drying shelters and generators, to ensure the humidity can be properly controlled and the kratom effectively dried and stored. We also remove all of the stem and vein from our kratom, using only the purest parts of the kratom leaf.

This attention to detail pays huge dividends when it comes to our final product. For example, our Maeng Da strain is able to average 1.7mg of mitragynine per gram of kratom – far higher than even another good quality kratom on the market. Compared to a kratom with 0.3mg of mitragynine per gram, our Maeng Da is 5.66 times stronger. 

Offering a Huge Range of Products

Our 100% natural and organic kratom is available in a range of forms. Whether you prefer green, white or red veins, powders, extracts or capsules, Kratom Infusion can accommodate your needs.

We also sell a Kratom Infusion branded kratom tea. This product provides a convenient way to take kratom in a tea form without the hassle of filtering yourself. Customers love this all in one solution for quality, portability and convenience. We are proud to offer 9 different Kratom strains in powder, capsule and teabag form.

Now that you understand why our kratom is the best on the market, all that is left is to try it for yourself. To learn more about kratom and how it could help you deal with a condition you’re struggling with, see our effects page.

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