Certificate Of Analysis

See the independent lab test results for any Kratom Infusion product!

At Kratom Infusion we take every step to guarantee you a safe, clean and premium product every time you order. It is an integral part of our business that third-party testing is done on every batch of kratom. We use a highly reputable laboratory to test for the presence of pathogens, heavy metals, and Salmonella.

What Does Kratom Infusion Test For?

Microbe screening: mold, yeast, bacteria, pathogens and salmonella
Heavy metals screening: lead, arsenic, mercury and cadmium
Alkaloid screening: mitragynine, 7-hydroxymitragynine and Mitraphylline

You have the peace of mind knowing you’re going to get 100% Kratom, organically grown, ethically harvested and freshly ground into a very fine 500-micron powder.

Packaging Facilities and COVID

Our packaging facilities are climate controlled and cleaned daily with anti-viral/bacterial solutions. We abide by strict social distancing procedures and limit the number of staff, while not permitting entry to anyone. All of our products are stored in airtight containers which are part of the daily cleaning. We wear masks, gloves and Tyvek suits, at all times when in the work place.

Can I See A Copy of Your Kratom Test Results?

Yes, we use a QR Code on the back of our packaging, please scan with your mobile device and you will see the test results.