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FS Bali Gold is a 100% red vein kratom strain of exceptional quality. Bali gold kratom was dicovered in a prime organic jungle close to where the best Borneo Red veins (Bali Kratom) grow. Due to its unique properties and high alkaloid content we are calling this strain discovered by Franz in 2011 ‘FS Bali Gold’.

What is FS Bali Gold?

Most vendors market red vein kratom that has been dried in the sun as Bali gold. UV light bleaches the green chlorophyll which turns the leaf from green to brown. UV light destroys mitragynine and other important alkaloids just as quickly. Sun drying causes the wet underneath leaves to ferment in scorching temperatures. Heat and fermentation destroy kratom alkaloids.

Don’t be confused or expect to see a golden/brown coloured powder. FS Bali Kratom is the most beautiful colour of green, it is milled to 500 micron super fine powder and has the most wonderful fresh fragrance. All of our plantation kratom is shade dried with constant fresh airflow. Keeping UV light, humidity and hot temperatures under control preserves the leaf, its colour and all important alkaloids.

Number 1 Choice for Opiate Withdrawal Symptoms

I rarely get excited by any-one strain but the FS Bali Gold is close to my heart and a large part of my adult life. High in 7-hydroxymitragynine FS Bali Gold is very helpful for pain related issues. For opiate withdrawal Bali Gold Kratom has to be the number 1 choice for detoxing, then helping to manage any underlying pain issues.

Anxiety and Depression COVID-19

Anxiety and Depression is at an all time high due to COVID-19. We are commited to helping anyone suffering with A&D especially during these dark times. FS Bali Gold has a calming effect while helping to reduce anxiety and depression. Mix 2-4g into a drink of choice, make a tea, smoothie or just blend with fresh orange and ice. Kratom is simple to use and effective for anxiety and depression, whats more, it gets to work within 20-45 minutes.

Kratom when used in moderation as a natural supplement has claimed fame with sufferers of anxiety and depression worldwide. Most users are able to stop using prescribed meds and able to manage their condition with small amounts of kratom 3-4 times per week, without the unplesent side effects of common medications.

FS Bali Gold was first discovered and planted in 2011. It was cloned into a small plantation of its own. Cloning kratom transfers its mothers genes into the new tree. This ensures a consistent high alkaloid product with the same health benefits.

The Franz strain Bali Gold is available now, although in limited supplies. Output will increase over the coming seasons and we expect to have this block buster on a long term basis.

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11 reviews for FS Bali Gold

  1. dslfj

    7 years steady kratom user and normally a green malay guy and white and old white (yellow).
    Never was too much on read.
    This shop is new for me, and really pleased with this Bali gold.

    Looking forward to try different types.
    This one is definitely a good kratom.

    Cherrs RDD

  2. thecollectiveconciousness

    As the name suggests this is the gold standard. Best I have ever had. Great communication and next day delivery. Can’t fault the service.

  3. Adam J

    Excellent product, fast delivery. Thank you, will be placing another order shortly.

  4. Mats L (verified owner)

    If u gonna buy kratom then this place is definitely one of the best places to order from. I have tried several different vendors and this one has the best quality. Also fast delivery and good customer service with quick reply 🙂

  5. Col F (verified owner)

    Great product, fantastic price for top grade Kratom

  6. Boris E (verified owner)

    On the sample packs so far due to cashflow issues – I must say,fantastic product and service..Thank you very much 🙂

  7. missXvamp

    I received a sample pack of this from the lovely Franz and i do think it is a excellent blend. At the moment im not buying muc because im waiting to move home. Im a very minimal kratom user so i only ever buy sample packs and they last me a while. I recently had a break for a few months and came back to buy some more as i felt i needed a boost during a stressful time. I will indeed buy this again in the future. And ill always buy from here and never elsewhere. Franz has not only been helpful, kind and genuine but the service is like no other. I purchase and receive my product the next day. When people have asked me for a place to buy from i always mention here. In the future i intend to purchase a big sample pack for my sister to try. Thank you Franz xxx

  8. George (verified owner)

    Hello Franz

    Hope you are well and thank your for getting my order to me so quickly!

    I received the FS Bali Gold on the 11th August 2021 and I have been taking it for the past few days(to help taper myself of opiates (250mg Codeine Per Day). Now after taking it I do not have the need or cravings to take opiates at all and have not taken any Codeine since I received the Kratom which is great but I’m afraid that I will become addicted to Kratom instead and have withdrawals when stopping it.

    I weigh 68kg and I’m 5ft8 I found that the dosage of 6g in the morning at 8:30am works well for me before I start work but after taking it I feel a slight euphoria similar to opiates but not exactly and a I feel a slight tightness in my chest area around 1 hours after taking it which will last anywhere between 30 mins to an hour or so. Some days I feel like I have to re-dose again at around 5pm with another 6g as I start to get cravings and having restless leg syndrome. I mix the power with water, stir and then I down it followed by a just a small glass of water to chase it.

    Would you say I’m taking too much? I am only 4 days in and its also 4 days without any Codeine which I’m so happy about! But I’m worried that I am trading one substance for another. I understand you are may or may not be a doctor but when would you say I start tapering down and how quickly to have minimal withdrawals and I hope not to get post-acute withdrawals syndrome.

    I understand that this is a loaded review so my apologies but I just have a few concerns. Your products thus far are really helping me out so a big thank you!

    • Franz K

      Hi George,
      This is a very valid question which I’m asked regularly. I’m really happy to hear the Bali Gold is working for you and you have been able to quit codeine from day one. I would personally taper from the codeine over 1 week and fill in the gaps with a small dose of kratom. It is very encouraging that you are on day 4 and not needed to use codeine. If this is working for you then stick with it, do not go back to the codeine.

      Kratom addiction is possible but nowhere near as brutal as with opiate addictions. In laymen’s terms, studies show that kratom has a high affinity to bind to the kappa and delta receptors and a low affinity binding to the Mu opioid receptor. Opiates have a strong affinity to bind to the Mu opioid receptor and low affinity to the kappa and delta. Any drug that has a high affinity to the Mu opioid receptor is going to be highly addictive with severe withdrawal symptoms. Kratom alkaloids bind to the kappa and delta receptors. These receptors are the reason why so many users testimonials say it is barley or non-addictive when they take a break or decide to stop.

      There is no real dosage guide as we are all different. Dose is dependent upon body weight, tolerance to other meds, metabolism and many other factors. As a rule of thumb, I calculate 1g per 20kg of body weight but I always start with 1 level tsp (2g) to evaluate the effects.

      If I weighed 68kg I would calculate 3.4g starting dose. I would try to cut back to 2 level tsps. (4g) per dose. Monitor the codeine withdrawals and when necessary I would repeat the dose. I time how long a dose lasts and calculate the least amount of kratom that is required to function normally.

      I’d continue for 14 days managing the withdrawals with the kratom. After 14 days of not using codeine I’d taper off the kratom i.e. Reduce my kratom dosage and increase the length of time between each dose. Once I’m down to 1 dose per day I know the worst of the codeine addiction is over. Use kratom every other day and stop using when you know the time is right.

      There is no set time limit to come off any addictive substance, if you can do it in 5 days using kratom, well done! Listen to what your body is telling you and work with it responsibly. We are not in the business of trading one addiction with another. We are here to help you achieve your personal goals then stop using kratom. That is a success story.

      The polypharmacology exhibited by the kratom alkaloids may support the claims made by patients taking kratom for the self-management of numerous diseases such as pain, OUD, and opioid withdrawal. Read the University of Florida Kratom Study

  9. George (verified owner)

    Hello Franz

    Hope you are well

    Thanks for the very informative response

    Today is day 10 without any Codeine and I feel amazing (apart from the hour or 2 after when I get a tight chest, heart palpitations and little pain) I still feel like I have to take a second dose, which I have been doing for the last week or so now at 5 grams each time. I will drop it down to 4 grams next week. Once I feel like I only need one dose per day I think I will need to do a very, very slow taper, I mean maybe drop by 0.25mg per week.

    Right now if I take 5 grams in the morning at half past 7 it can last me 10-12 hours then I begin to get cravings but they are not as strong and it’s the only symptom I get. As mentioned before I take a second dose anyway to ensure I don’t reach for the codeine. I can feel that I’m improving each day so hopefully soon I can go with some days with taking just one dose. When I feel stable on that does (possibly 4g is my aim) for a while I will begin my slow taper.

    I only have a scale that measures to the nearest gram therefore I could be taking 5.5g one day and 5.2g another. Would there be a scale you would recommend or just any that can measure to mg would do?

    My last question is, I mix the powder with cold tap water, stir the hell out of it then down it (although I really don’t mind the taste and texture of it). Would you recommend a more effective way to prepare it and would you say taking it on an empty stomach is better?

    Once I have gotten out of withdrawals and do not have to take it every day, I will defiantly try your other strains out!.

    Thanks once again Franz as this has pretty much saved/changed my life 😊

    • Franz K

      Hi George,

      Yes, I’m well thanks and I really appreciate the update on your progress. 10 days is one hell of an achievement, congratulations. The tight chest is slightly concerning and could suggest your dosage is higher than it needs to be. I would try reducing the dose and dose more often (if needed) to see if that works for the tight chest? As long as you are healthy and don’t have any existing heart conditions you should be able to tolerate the temporary side effects. With that said, never use kratom if there are undesired side effects. As far as tapering, do it at your own speed, you will know when the time is right.

      Please let me know how things go with 4g, as I said earlier, I’d rather there be no side effects even if you have to dose more often. It is good to know you physically feel an improvement each day, stick with the program and don’t reach out for the codeine.

      You could buy some jewellery scales but I don’t think it’s a necessary expense. Invest your money on a cheap teaspoon scoop. 1 level tsp is 2g of powder, this is how I measure and its pretty accurate.

      You can mix it with cold water but it does take a lot more effort than needed. A good idea is to boil the kettle. Mix the powder and boiling water together in a cup. It mixes very easily and also extracts the powder which allows for a quicker onset. Lemon also helps the extraction and you can add honey for some sweetness. Just wait for it to cool and enjoy! Taking kratom on an empty stomach allows for a much quicker onset. Sometimes a feeling of nausea is experienced, eat some food and that will stop the nausea and balance the stomach acid.

      I’m always happy to help George, and thanks for sharing your progress with all of our community. Keep us posted my friend?

      Wishing you the very best,

  10. Mic (verified owner)

    First time buying the FS Bali Gold and it’s exactly as described. Really great for pain but also very much recommend for stress & anxiety. I would say it’s definitely more of an evening blend. I make it into tea and add a squeeze of lemon, which strengthens it even more. If you’re a new user, probably best to start with 2 – 3g and see how you go. As usual, delivery so quick and secure.

  11. NathanM

    An excellent must-have Red Vein. I take this daily, along with the Red Indo, and find it excellent for pain relief, and dealing with stress/anxiety. I like to mix and switch the strains a bit, and this goes well with White Sunda in the morning (the white adds extra energy, and pain relief) – and is great on its own during the afternoon.

    I find the Red Indo slightly better for pain relief, and increased energy, but find this better for stress, or panic attacks. As with most reds, I find it best avoided near bedtime, unless it’s mixed with a Green Vein.

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