Kratom Tea

Time For Tea?

What is Kratom Tea and the benefits of drinking it? Kratom is an incredible tea that has been used for thousands of years in South East Asia that is used to help many conditions. Is kratom a herb similar to Basil or Oregano? No not really, kratom tea comes from mature trees that grow up to 40 meters tall. Most people believe that kratom tea comes from a small plant however this is down to the fact not many people have had the opportunity to visit the native jungles of South East Asia.

Kratom tea does not come from a small plant or herb against popular belief, the reason for this is many kratom shops enable you to buy kratom plants which in time will grow into large trees in their native environments. Kratom with high alkaloid content does not come from young immature plants however when you Buy kratom it is often falsely advertised that way! If you imagine a small young tree it could easily be mistaken for a small plant or herb.

When you look at a young kratom tree you will notice the shoots are pliable, green and it does look like a plant which you may not believe could grow into a huge tree. After a few weeks the branches start to turn darker and become like any other tree having brown woody colored bark. Thai kratom is a popular strain but the majority of Thai kratom on the market today is farmed in Indonesia and Malaysia therefore not authentic Thai. Indo and Malaysian kratom is the only true wild-crafted kratom as this is where the mature high alkaloid trees grow that can be harvested legally. This does not mean you can’t get kratom from Thailand but the severe penalties for trafficking banned substances is enough to put most people off.

Kratom tea has been traditionally used for many and varied purposes however it was the farm laborers that made kratom tea from the abundant and naturally growing resource they had. The farm laborers found that drinking kratom tea gave an incredible energy boost to help them through the long days work. Not only did kratom give an abundance of energy they found it provided protection from the blistering sun whilst working without shelter. Kratom tea has since been found to naturally increase melanin in the skin pigment therefore stopping them burning in direct sunlight.

In more recent times kratom tea has been used for many different purposes, including depression and anxiety as well opiate withdrawal which has been well documented by kratom users. It has also been noted that kratom tea has become very popular as an all-natural pain reliever helping people overcome severe pain without using highly addictive synthetic prescription drugs. Kratom tea really is a miracle from the jungles of South East Asia and is quickly gaining more and more popularity each day for the benefits it beholds.

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