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Sunda White Kratom

White Sunda Kratom

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Sunda kratom is one of the most unique and mysterious strains available today. It was one of the most challenging for our Kratom scouts to source. The true origin of this leaf is still surrounded in mystery within the Kratom community. Sunda is short for ‘Sundanese’ which is an ancient civilization on the Western side of the Indonesian island Java. The ocean that separates Java from Sumatra is called the ‘Sunda Strait’ therefore it is possible that this strain originated in Sumatra.

Kratom Infusion Sunda kratom powder is ultra potent due to the unique alkaloid content. The effects are comparable to that of Indo white vein leaves. Sunda is an excellent choice for strong pain management and long-lasting euphoria plus total relaxation. This is generally not known to be an energy boosting strain, however it can assist focus and clarity of thought. Interestingly customers have reported it can take a few sessions with this leaf to really appreciate the full benefits.

We are committed to bringing our customers only the best products and work tirelessly with our farmers to ensure quality and consistency with every batch. Our kratom leaves are carefully harvested, processed and shipped in a timely manner to ensure that just-picked freshness.

Kratom users are recommended to regularly rotate their strains to appreciate the full benefits and avoid tolerance building. Please use kratom responsibly to ensure the longevity of this product for years to come.

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3 reviews for White Sunda Kratom

  1. Tarz (verified owner)

    This is my favourite white vein. I like to use this one in the late afternoon. Gives me that boost I need to get on with my daily chores throughout the day. I would suggest taking this strain about 30 minutes before food for the best results.

  2. NathanM

    This is my favourite strain of Kratom overall, and definitely the best of the Whites I’ve tried. I take 3-5g every morning about 30 mins after waking up – and it generally kicks in 30 mins after that. I find it always gives me a strong energy boost, and great for starting the work day – or taken half an hour before any exercise… and it also improves my mood massively, helping with anything stressful I’m dealing with.

    For general stiffness and soreness I find it better than the other colours (the energy/mood boost does a lot for that as well). It also helps settle any stomach distress I sometimes have in a morning. Also mixes well with the Red Indo or FS Bali red strains, for enhanced pain relief – or if you find the energy too strong!

    Best avoided in the evening unless you need to stay up late, or become focused – in which case it is far better than knocking back Red Bulls:)

  3. ppnjwilliams10 (verified owner)

    I have tried several different strains of white Kratom, I use the red strains for pain management and insomnia and the white to boost energy levels and focus. This is my favourite now, it seems to have the added bonus of completely stopping my IBS from flaring up, which it did frequently and I will say that this is now my go to Kratom as it is such a great all rounder.

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