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Jeruk Kratom

Jeruk Kratom

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Meet Jeruk, the latest addition to our variety of kratom strains. What and where is Jeruk Kratom from? Jeruk, translated from Indonesian means orange! The farmers simply named it Jeruk because the vein colour was not quite red.  Jeruk kratom is grown organically at one of the KUK locations in West Kalimantan, Indonesia.

There is a worldwide misconception when it comes to kratom strains and vein colours. Most users believe the colour of the vein is due to the genetics of the kratom tree, this is just not the case! Think of kratom like a traffic light, the age and maturity of the tree decides the vein colour.

Vein Colour and Approximate Age of Kratom

1-4 Years – Green Vein

4-6 Years – Yellowing from green, moving towards red

6-9 Years – Red or turning to red with distinct dark orange tones.

10-15+ Years – White Vein

Generally speaking, red vein kratom has higher 7-OHM (7-hydroxymitragnine). It is no surprise that a red vein kratom is at the prime of its life. Nature has a way of warning us using colours and red is normally associated with danger, virility or strength. That does not mean a red vein kratom is toxic, it just means it’s at the prime of its life! Grown under the optimum conditions it is packed full of its highly prized alkaloids.

Jeruk (orange kratom) is excellent quality, it is fresh and fragrant to the smell. Jeruk is high in 7-OHM so we already know it’s a good choice for pain and withdrawals from highly addictive drugs. While Jeruk packs a punch for pain, I find it very inspirational but calming at the same time. I feel the calming nature of this strain could be very useful for anxiety or depression.

While Jeruk was harvested when the vein was dark orange, we don’t want to create hype and call it an orange vein. We have simply categorised Jeruk a new and exciting red Indo.

The only drawback with this strain is the amount we currently have in stock, we plan to have more on the next shipment so we will be able to offer larger quantities for better value.

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4 reviews for Jeruk Kratom

  1. Daniel Watkins (verified owner)

    Top quality. This was probably my favourite red so far. Will defo order this again.

  2. d.michael.may (verified owner)

    This strain is absolutely marvellous! I am a regular long-term user of Kratom and have tried most of the strains available on this site, but this Jeruk was something else. Incredible for anxiety, relaxing, (I suffer from PTSD & Generalised Anxiety Disorder) yet at the same time giving one a real sense of sharpness and clarity. A real warm buzz, even in small amounts. I highly recommend this.

  3. wwwecg (verified owner)

    Pretty stimulating, but with good sedating qualities, you will feel a little more sedation having a couple grams higher dose but it’s pretty much the same high at 1-2g (stimulation dose) and at 3-5g+ (sedation dose) pretty much.

    I feel this is a strain you can work out on or chill after a long day. Like what you would expect out of a green. Would definitely recommend. Though hard to sleep on since you feel more stimulated and prone to procrastination…

  4. ajhaughton7 (verified owner)

    Very impressive, a step up in power.

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