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Cambodian Kratom

Cambodian Kratom

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Did you know that kratom grows in many remote parts of South East Asia? Cambodian Kratom is one of these rare and sacred locations. In response to recent export issues within Indonesia we have worked tirelessly to find an alternative solution to bring you the highest alkaloid bulk kratom we have ever found.

Take a minute to look at a map and understand why Cambodia is an ideal location for harvesting our beloved kratom. We all know that kratom is readily available in Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and Burma but all other kratom vendors seem to of ignored the possibility of Cambodia! Did you take a look at the map? If not then let me explain that Cambodia borders Thailand, Laos and Vietnam and shares similar virgin jungles with mature unharvested kratom trees.

We invested heavily to make this happen and after 5 weeks from our 6 week exploration program we found Cambodian kratom. All at kratom infusion were ecstatic with our findings and new location, I guess making history, being the first company to bring Cambodian kratom to the masses.

The next stage is negotiation with the local villagers to work with us as part of our team and reap the benefits of this new and exciting kratom resource. Traditionally Cambodians don’t seem to have any history of kratom use similar to Indonesia, this is why its been ignored for the wonderful benefits this strain beholds.

We sent samples of our new find to the lab to be rewarded to know that this super green Cambodian kratom is as high in alkaloid content as Maeng da. We are very excited and stunned to of found mature kratom trees but more so as the soils are rich in nutrient, the trees are in perfect condition yielding what we can only describe as Super Green Cambodian.

The effects are everything we could of dreamed of, strong, very smooth and uplifting with long duration. People have described Cambodian kratom as dreamy, euphoric, great for pain management with balanced relaxing effects. We had the confidence that geographically Cambodia was an ideal kratom location and boy we were not disappointed and neither will you.

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4 reviews for Cambodian Kratom

  1. nicksmith1000.ns (verified owner)

    My first time ordering this Cambodian Green, I ordered it on recommendation from Franz. I was looking for something relaxing. Franz was spot on, I found it very relaxing with a nice boost of energy, I felt calm and relaxed and motivated to do tasks. Very nice stain great if you want to relax but don’t want something too heavy, also I found some nice unexpected pain relief from my kidney stone, I think this strain could be good for moderate pain and the relaxing effects also help to reduce the pain.
    And again delivery went really smoothly as it always does and I received my order in less than 24hrs!
    100% outstanding customer service and top quality products.
    Thanks very much guys!

  2. missXvamp (verified owner)

    I think this a good green vein and would purchase again. I do find the maeng da blends better but like to mix it up at times. I have only took 1 heaped teaspoon of this and do feel i need a bit more for a more positive effect. What i take is only rather minimal amounts anyway and so if you did choose to use more i have no doubt you would feel the effects much better. But im happy with this as it did give me a mood boost and since taking it the last few days i havent been as low as usual.

  3. maladkins (verified owner)

    I’m new to Cambodian green but so far very impressed, I tend to suffer from anxiety & I’ve found this really helps, it also motivates me when my energy levels are low. Really good, definitely recommend.

  4. NathanM

    I’ve tried all of the Green Veins, and the Cambodian is definitely my favourite. This is my go-to strain every evening, and I find it excellent for stress/anxiety, since it has a strong calming effect – without causing too much sedation. I also find it excellent for dealing with aches and pains.

    Doesn’t cause me any issues getting to sleep, even if taken close to bedtime. A must have!

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