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White Indo Maeng Da


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Indo Maeng Da is a 100% white vein harvested from our renowned farm locations. This premium strain offers increased motivation and mind clarity whilst giving a desired energy boost. Indo Maeng Da is produced from superior fresh white vein kratom leaves offering the additional sought after benefits of euphoria and a great sense of wellbeing.

The unique properties of this white vein leaf create long-lasting durable energy before gently subsiding into calm relaxation. This is a great strain to get you through a hectic and demanding day then easing into a great nights sleep.

Indo Kratom is similar to Malay in that users prefer it for active sports due to its performance enhancing properties. If we were to compare Indo Maeng Da and Malay together for their energetic effects it would be a close call. I would rate Malay kratom higher on the energetic scale at around 8-9. This white vein on the other hand could be rated 7-8 but it does have better pain killing and relaxing qualities.

Indo Maeng Da a highly sought after white vein Kratom

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